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Maybe not quite a bounty, but exciting nonetheless. Harvesting tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, beets, ground cherries, bok coy, kale, and swiss chard. The first few cucumbers and eggplants were quite bitter, but the latest round was great. I suspect a squash beetle or something similar killed the zucchini plant. This weekend, I planted more greens as well Brussels sprouts, more beets, and garbanzo beans.

One of the pepper plants (lower right on the left photo) is lagging behind. Charentais melon (right) is fruiting.

Heirloom tomatoes and cucumber line the railing.

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A Garden Grows in Manhattan

The summer solstice brings blinding sun and sizzling temperatures to the city garden. Days like today require a watering in the morning and again in the evening. The scarlet runner beans were attacked by some invisible enemy, but they may recover. Cabbage worms and aphids are jerks, but a little garlic and pepper spray seems to keep them at bay. Nearly all the spring greens have been harvested, as have the first beets, fennel, peas, and some garbanzo beans. Every morning, we bring in a handful or two of ground cherries.

Heirloom tomatoes: green zebra and Omar’s Lebanese

Tall telephone peas and the first blossoms of eggplant

The melon feels a bit behind schedule. Since we’re on the seventh floor, the cucumbers require hand pollination. (It’s not as dirty as it sounds.)

View through the garbanzo beans, and view toward the young willow tree.

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The Garden is Busting Out All Over

June brings surprising growth, rain, hot sun, and pests. I used to think those yellowish moths were pretty little things. I’ve now learned that they like to drop off their eggs on plants like kale and broccoli. Jerks.

The bok choy and mustard greens have been completely harvested. Some chicory and lettuce remain. So far, a handful of ground cherries in their delicate paper husks. A few strawberries. Endless herbs and chives.

Bottom three shelves: purple broccoli, beets, chard, broccoli, garbanzo beans, fennel, ground cherry, parsnip, oregano, rosemary, artichoke, broccoli, zucchini, purple broccoli, mint, tarragon, and cucumber.

I’m in love with this artichoke plant.

Scarlet runner beans aim to block the view of those unpalatable storefront roofs across Broadway.

View looking north and east. Tomatoes are doing well. Pepper not so much. I think the carrots will be ready in a couple weeks.

I marvel at this ground cherry plant. When the fruit is ready, it simply drops to the ground. As in, ground cherry.

Oh hey there moth. I’m on to your deceitful ways.

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