Going Local

Hi, I’m Jay, a New Yorker by way of Chicago by way of Wisconsin. (That’s me chopping an onion.)

I’m excited by real food. By real food, I mean food with few preservatives, that’s in season, and was grown as close to New York City as possible. In some ways, you may call it local food.

It isn’t always easy eating locally. For example, I love coffee. And salt. And chocolate. Oh, and Italian wine. And some of the recipes out there are complicated and pricey. 

So I do the best I can.

I’ve learned that there’s local food all around, even beyond farm-to-table restaurants and Brooklyn rooftops. You just have to know where to look for it.

The best part is coming up with simple-yet-bold, realistic, and affordable recipes that focus on eating as locally as possible.

That’s what you’ll find here.

Thanks for visiting Local Me. I’d like to hear from you. Send a note, find me on Twitter, join me at a farmers’ market, and share your favorite recipes.



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